Korission Lagoon
This area lying on the SW coast of the island of Kerkyra (Corfu), is of great importance not only as a wetland but also because of the biological and aesthetic value of the sandy beaches close to the lagoon. At the southern sandy beach, the presence on the island of the unique Juniperus stands and the petrified sand-dunes create an area of great aesthetic value. The site consists of: the Korission Lake (the largest lake in Kerkyra), and the surrounding lake and seashores which are charcterized by varied and important Mediterranean vegetation types. Among them are: 1) The cruceanelletum maritimae which has the eastern limits of its distribution range here in the Korission area. This area is also the single locality in Greece from where Crucianella maritima has been reported, and 2) The Juniperous phoencea stands growing on the southern sandy beaches of the area which seem to be the unique remnants of such a forest in the islands of Corfu. The site is also characterized by the petrified sand-dunes which create an area of great aesthetic value. The most important part of the site is that separating the sea from Korission Lake (between Garziki Point and the beginning of Agios Georgios beach). This is a complex, interesting and almost unaltered ecosystem, one of the few remaining natural ecosystems in Corfu which has not been greatly changed by tourist development. Source: Natura2000 viewer, European Comission.
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