Lefkadas's Straits Lagoons and Alykes (Salt Works)
Although this area is treated as a separate site, in a wide sense, it could be considered as a part of an extensive wetland, together with the neighbouring sites of Amvrakikos Gulf and the lake of Voulkaria. The majority of the information regarding the habitats and flora of this site concerns the island of Lefkada and the study of its continental part (Prefecture of Aitoloakarnania) is expected to increase the known biodiversity and hence the ecological significance of this site. Among the main characteristics of the site which obviously must be taken into consideration, in order to formulate appropriate management programmes, the following should be mentioned: 1) its proximity to the city of Lefkada (around 15,000 inhabitants and several thousands more during the summer); 2) its proximity to one of the three main and more fertile regions of the island; 3) the extensive shellfish aquaculture which takes place within the site. Source: Natura2000 viewer, European Comission.
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